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TRW Supplies Industry-Leading Cold Gas Inflator and Safety Canopy For 2002 Ford Models

Jul 15, 2002

TRW has announced that its industry-leading cold gas inflator and rollover curtain air bag for side impact and rollover protection are featured on the recently launched Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer, the new Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator and on several other Ford sport utility vehicles during the year.

In addition to the side impact and rollover protection, TRW also is producing the majority of the safety systems components for most Ford sport utility vehicles, including the driver and passenger air bags, the seat belts and an increasing amount of steering wheels. TRW also works closely with Ford safety systems engineers on design and performance criteria for the total system of the vehicles.

TRW currently supplies inflatable curtains on several of Ford's product lines, including the Jaguar X-Type, Jaguar XJ, Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer and Ford Mondeo (Europe).

In total, TRW expects to produce more than 1 million cold gas inflator and safety canopy systems this year. Production is expected to exceed 3 million by 2006.

The cold gas inflator represents a new automotive safety technology introduced by TRW for global vehicle makers. The technology permits the air bag to stay inflated for up to six seconds, providing increased protection in protracted events such as rollovers. Typical side impact curtain bags remain deployed for up to one second as the gas produced from conventional inflators begins to cool. The TRW system also includes a special gas distribution tube that ensures faster filling of the safety canopy and more even distribution along the inside of the vehicle from the A to the C pillar.

The cold gas inflator is designed to deploy the curtain downward in less than 20 milliseconds to close the gap between the occupant and the side window.

TRW Automotive is a leader in active and passive safety systems for the global automotive industry. Products include integrated vehicle control and driver assist systems, braking systems, steering systems, suspension systems, occupant safety systems, electronics, engine valves, fastening systems and aftermarket replacement parts. TRW Inc. (NYSE: TRW) provides advanced technology products and services to the automotive, aerospace and information technology markets. The company's 2001 sales were $16.4 billion (USD). TRW news is available on the Internet at .


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