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TRW'S Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series Friction Program Leads Industry In Performance and Environmental Benefits

Test Data Proves Market Leading Performance Characteristics

CARSON, Calif.
Feb 12, 2002

Independent test lab data* has concluded that TRW's Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series brake pads match and in many instances exceed Original Equipment (OE) friction materials with reduced stopping distances, high durability and improved driver comfort characteristics. Employing leading-edge technology developed in the demanding European market, the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series product line offers advanced stopping power that stands out from the competition. In demanding braking situations, such as repeated or heavy braking, drivers will feel the difference with the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series friction material compared to other products on the market.


  Environmentally Friendly

The Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series pads clearly lead the industry in the move toward heavy metal-free friction material. Today, TRW is ready with an entirely heavy-metal free Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) product in its Kelsey- Hayes Pro Series disc brake pads.

"We are leading the industry in our efforts to ensure that high performance, clean friction are universally available," said Paul Whitfield, general manager, TRW Automotive Aftermarket, Carson, Calif. "TRW developed and manufactured this material solely for the automotive aftermarket. Our teams have come up with a NAO formula which maintains exceptional performance qualities in stability and fade resistance."

Recent environmental research has shown that heavy metals may pose a risk to the environment and the European Union (EU) has already taken steps to ban or severely limit the use of heavy metals in vehicle components.

Research published in Stockholm has shown that friction materials are among the worst offenders for copper pollution. Although they contain a relatively low mass of copper compared to other vehicle components, pads are responsible for 30 percent of all environmental copper pollution -- not just copper pollution caused by vehicles. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is raising the matter of copper pollution with the EU.

Following TRW's lead, the North American friction industry is researching substitutes, anticipating that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may follow the lead of its counterpart in Europe. At the present time, the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series brake pads meet these stringent requirements.

Extensive R&D has led to the development of a unique friction formula that delivers excellent performance characteristics in both the semi-metallic and organic pads, while enabling the elimination of heavy metals such as copper, brass, antimony and lead. The company continues to research new material technologies.

Virtually every driver can benefit from the premium performance and enhanced comfort of the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series Friction Program thanks to the wide range of availability for both domestic and import passenger car, light truck and SUV applications.

  Product Features
  Every pad in the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series Friction Program is:

* Integrally Molded -- Integrally molded pads are proven to last longer than riveted pads. TRW is the only manufacturer to offer a full program with Integrally Molded brake pads.

* Scorched -- If the pad gets overheated, scorching helps avoid the crystallization on the friction material and eliminates the necessity for break-in. Scorching also eliminates initial fade.

* Chamfered -- This feature helps the brake pad to sit properly on the rotor.

* Fitted with rubber-coated shims -- Simple constraint layer shims often fall off the brake pads, cutting the rotors. The Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series premium rubber-coated shims are attached at the factory for ease of installation and are more effective in noise damping.

* Fitted with electronic sensors (where OE) -- This added feature uses an electronic sensor to receive feedback on wear from the rotors, sending a signal to the driver via a dashboard light that the brake pads are due to be replaced.

Two friction styles of the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series disc brake pads are offered: Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) and semi-metallic. The NAO formulation is E1 R90 compliant (heavy metal free).

Eliminates Noise

In contrast to other manufacturers who use simple constraint layer shims, the Kelsey-Hayes program offers OE technology shims, with every set containing the proper, specific shim attached.

Using a uniquely designed rubber-coated shim, the Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series disc brake pads reduce noise and improve comfort. With this new innovative design, the Pro Series pads are specifically configured for ultra quiet operation on both domestic and import applications. These premium rubber- coated, sandwich construction shims are proven more effective in noise damping. Competitor programs only fit such quality shims to a small proportion of their range.

"Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) concerns in the braking system are the number one warranty issue for OE and aftermarket customers," explains Whitfield. "Our aim is to virtually eliminate these claims by designing the cause of these irritating problems out of the brake system in the design process. Many of these problems are caused by the interface between the brake component and the friction material, and the new Kelsey-Hayes Pro Series disc pads are specifically designed to minimize NVH concerns."

This focus on NVH is again no surprise from a company that is recognized as a world leader in NVH research, having launched its first laboratory specifically aimed at NVH research more than 20 years ago in Germany. Now the company operates NVH labs at technical centers worldwide in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

"Our NVH expertise on the Original Equipment side is clearly being leveraged in the aftermarket, and the Pro Series friction pads are a great example of these efforts across our automotive businesses," Whitfield concluded.

With $3.0 billion worldwide in Original Equipment braking business, TRW offers a wide range of brake products combining cutting edge technology and the proven reliability of the world's largest producer of foundation brakes -- drums, rotors, calipers.

TRW has invested significantly over the past three years to develop friction products. The result is exactly what you would expect from a market leader in braking systems -- the aftermarket's best friction material from the number one company for Original Equipment in brake and chassis systems. TRW will continue to launch the best, most innovative, most sustainable programs throughout the 21st century.

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